Feb. 19, 2009: Update on Filipino WWII Veterans Benefits from the US Embassy in Manila

As of today, February 19, 2009, NaFFAA Region 8 has not received any updates regarding how Filipino American World War II veterans can file their claims and get their benefits. In the meantime, we have the press release from the US Embassy in Manila.

Filipino WWII Veterans to Receive Additional U.S. Benefits

President Barack Obama signed into law on February 17, 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which includes among the many provisions, an additional U.S. benefit to eligible Filipino World War II veterans. The new law recognizes the service of Filipino WWII veterans as active military service in the Armed Forces for purposes of this law. It authorizes one-time lump-sum payments to all eligible Filipino WW II veterans. Those veterans with U.S. citizenship will receive a one-time lump-sum payment of $15,000. Non-U.S. citizens will receive a one-time lump-sum payment of $9,000.

Continue reading at the Embassy of the United States in Manila website.

For further information on how to submit a claim [Click here] and for frequently asked questions [Click here.]

For more information on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 [Click here.]

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Filipino WWII Veterans Benefits – Press Release From the US Embassy Manila Dated Feb. 18, 2009