The 6th Global Filipino Networking Convention on Oct. 9-11, 2009 in Cebu, Philippines

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This is a project of NaFFAA Region 8 and NAITAS-Cebu Chapter.

6th Global Filipino Networking Convention – Oct. 9-11, 2009, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino 6th Global Filipino Networking Convention – Oct. 9-11, 2009, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino Lorna Dietz Participate as a delegate, a forum organizer, or as a sponsor. * Co-Convenors: National Federation of Filipino American Associations – Region 8 (Northern California) and National Association of Independent Travel Agencies, Cebu Chapter Co-Sponsoring National Organizations: NaFFAA, NAITAS, & FPACC (Federation of Philippine American Chambers of Commerce) * JOIN US in a convention of opportunity! to build ties within our global Filipino community to identify our common interests to address our common concerns * 6th Global Filipino Networking Convention “Surviving the Present, Shaping the Future” October 9-11, 2009 Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino * Salinas Drive, Cebu City, Philippines An economic downturn creates opportunities for visualization, actualization, and collaboration. Hope and optimism are the keys to our Global Filipinos’ success in every endeavor. In this “convention of conventions,” we can continue mapping successful routes to a vibrant future, in the Philippines and overseas. Participate as a delegate, a forum organizer, or as a sponsor. Rodel Rodis, Organizing Committee Chair – [email protected] Viki Bamba, Organizing Committee Vice Chair – [email protected] Jenny Franco, Secretary General – [email protected] For more information: Lorna Lardizabal Dietz, Executive Coordinator [email protected] * skype phone no. (415) 508-5326 or skype: lornadietz * As of June 11, 2009 PLANNED TOPICS FOR BREAK-OUT SESSIONS, FORUMS, WORKSHOPS, AND CONFERENCES WITHIN THE 6TH GLOBAL FILIPINO NETWORKING CONVENTION • The Advancement of Popular Art & Culture: From the entertainment industry to heritage preservation groups — artists, sports heroes, and celebrities share how they have shaped or are influencing pop culture and lifestyle trends. • Media: Among the topics, media professionals grapple with the reality that “freedom of the press” is all about civil rights. • GREEN: Technology, Alternative Energy, and Environment • Business: How being “lean and green” in an economic downturn offers unlimited opportunities for technological, business development, and trade endeavors. There will be updates about the Philippines’ real estate opportunities, investments, communications, IT, and entrepreneurship, as well as money remittance for Overseas Filipinos. • Health Care: Health care professionals and interested groups converge to explore ideas, trends, and plans for medical missions to the Philippines, medicare and transferrable medical insurance, health care issues, and retirement. • Tourism: A prime priority is making the Philippines the ultimate destination of tourists, “balikbayans,” and investors for their health and wellness needs — whether it is medical or dental care, or a holistic spa treatment. Another highlight is “Team Philippines,” a growing network of tourism educators and movers of the Philippines. • Women Empowerment: Celebrate the Filipinas’ contributions in the Global Community, even if circumstances that perpetuate domestic violence, human trafficking, and sub-par employment threaten to diminish their self-esteem. Discover how far Filipinas have advanced, from “breaking the glass ceiling,” working hard to end domestic violence, to “extended breastfeeding.” Share the grassroots and online campaigns that empower Filipinas worldwide. • Education: “Growing Up Brown In…” brings educators, parents, students, and young professionals in one forum to scrutinize commonalities and differences in many countries — from the educational system, culture, and social costs involving migrant Filipinos — to other global issues affecting the performance of Global Filipino students. What programs and opportunities exist in the Philippines’ educational system that encourage graduates to be more competitive for employment in the Philippines

“A Gathering of Heroes” by Greg B. Macabenta

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Recently, Filipinas Magazine took the time to embed this poem in its online edition. “A Gathering of Heroes” was written and narrated by Greg B. Macabenta in 2004 as a call for Overseas Filipinos (a.k.a. our modern day heroes) to participate at the Third Global Filipino Networking Convention that was held at the Cebu Waterfront Hotel in Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines on January 20 to 22, 2005. Since then,“Pinoy Power Worldwide” became NaFFAA’s Global Filipino Networking Convention’s theme and logo. DDB Philippines was responsible for “Pinoy Power Worldwide’s” creative work.

This poem is a beautiful tribute to the 8 million-plus Overseas Filipinos and the families they left behind in the Philippines. Click here to go directly to


Copyright 2004 © by Greg B. Macabenta


Where are all my children -
The blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh,
The fruits of my dreams?
Where are the saplings who drew strength from my roots?
The flowers who bloomed from the dew of this land?
They have sailed away with the wind,
In the beaks of swallows
Seeking warmth on distant shores.
On the wings of eagles
Daring to soar to boundless heights.

Come ye my children,
Blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh,
The sweet, ripened fruits of my dreams.
Come ye from far and near,
And hearken to my call.
Come tell us of your triumphs.
Celebrate your conquests,
Bask in the glow of my pride.
Then plant the seeds of your successes
In the soil from which you sprang.
And offer a share of your golden harvest.
At the altar of a grateful Motherland.
Come. Come.
Come for a gathering of heroes.


5th Global Filipino Networking Convention in Sydney, Australia

Pinoy Power Worldwide! Logo of the Global Filipino Networking Convention, conceived by Greg Macabenta & created by DDB Philippines. All rights reserved. © 2004 by NaFFAA.FAIR GO FOR FILIPINO EMPOWERMENT!

5th Global Filipino Networking Convention in Sydney
6-8 September 2007

Sydney is now ready for the 5th Global Filipino Networking Convention and it’s promising to be the most dynamic assembly of global Filipinos yet.

Set for 6 to 8 September 2007, at Holiday Inn Rooty Hill, participants are expected to come from Europe(UK), Asia (Philippines, Japan, Pakistan), the Middle East (Kuwait, Egypt, United Arab Emirates), and North America (USA), Oceania (Australia, New Zealand), including prominent Filipino leaders and organizers from all over Australia (New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory) and from the Philippines.

The convention theme “Fair Go for Filipino Empowerment” which stands for Filipino Australian Integrated Response to Global Objectives, hopes to expand the discussion on the socio-economic and political entitlement due all Filipinos working and living overseas.

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Looking Back: 3rd Global Filipino Networking Convention

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Scenes from the Third Global Filipino Networking Convention on Jan. 20-22, 2005, Cebu City, Philippines

“The 3rd Global’s Executive Coordinator Speaks Up!”
by Lorna Lardizabal Dietz

There were a lot of best practices that we learned before, during, and after the Third Global Filipino Networking Convention. For instance, we employed grassroots marketing and public relations throughout the preparations of this special gathering, sending e-mails to all the prospects and participants on a regular basis. Everyone who was in the e-mail list felt that they were a part of the convention’s preparations.

:-D We did make room for surprises.:-D For example, the overseas delegates didn’t know that they would be treated to an energetic Sinulog dance presentation during the Opening Plenary Session and that Tommy Osmena, the mayor of Cebu City, would enter the Cebu Waterfront Hotel’s Grand Ballroom riding a customized vehicle. Or that there would be a spectacular fireworks display at the Ayala Center’s Lagoon just for us!

As Executive Coordinator of the 3rd Global, I realized how important it was to have someone like me (a Cebuana and a NaFFAA member) who could harmonize with both convenors, NaFFAA and the Cebu Visitors and Convention Bureau (CVCB), communicating to them in a timely fashion and making executive decisions with the big picture in mind. I highly recommend having this coordinating position as a “must” for future Global Filipino Networking Conventions.

:-) My Philippine cellphone was a lifesaver many times over.:-) I used it to text over 400 people in my Philippine phone book so that they would register for the convention on time. Or that I would text every forum or workshop’s manager or moderator with instructions on where to board the buses bound for the Ayala Lagoon.

Some of my memorable moments include being supported by a dedicated group of volunteers who pampered and took care of all our plenary speakers. We also had official greeters at the airport and the Cebu Waterfront Hotel. I made sure that a communications person (equipped with a VHF radio) was assigned to each member of the Organizing Committee so we could trouble-shoot efficiently. While Jenny Franco, the convention’s project director, took care of the financial and operational details, I focused on making sure that everyone in the committees knew what was going on. There were five of us who worked in the US committee. A month before the convention, I joined seven other members of the working group from CVCB in Cebu. The best compliment that Patrick Gregorio, the convention’s Secretary General and CVCB’s founder, gave our group was that he believed each one of the eight members did the work equivalent to 10 people.

There are more stories. For now, let me share some of these memories with you.

We had a PowerPoint presentation available at our website, (which has since been changed to a simplified format at It contained a lot of information that truly helped many overseas attendees as well as media practitioners who were covering the convention. Click here to review this presentation at

Rodel Rodis is the founding father of the Global Filipino Networking Convention concept. He worked closely with Viki Bamba, a.k.a. the founding mother, in mobilizing more than 4,000 Filipinos to congregate at the Moscone Center, San Francisco, California on August 31, 2002 for the 1st Global Filipino Networking Convention. Rodel summarizes the 3rd Global quite nicely in his syndicated column.