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Click here to go to the Calendar of Activities.

Fast Facts & Guidelines in Using This Calendar of Activities:

1. NaFFAA Region 8’s events, programs, and activities are found here.

2. As members and affiliates of NaFFAA Region 8, you can post your events here, pending the moderator’s approval. The moderator reserves the right to approve and/or edit any entry in this calendar without notifying the person who posted the entry.

Click here to post your event.

– At the top of the calendar, you will see “Public Access” below the curent month and date.
– Scroll down to the bottom left side of the calendar. You will see the words, “Current User: Public Access (Log In).
– Click on (Log In).
– On the new screen that will pop up, Click on “Access Public Calendar.” This is located at the lower left-hand corner of the screen.

3. How to post your event:

– On the lower left-hand screen, you will see the following:

Go to: My Calendar | Today | Search | Add New Entry
Current User: Public Access (Login)

– Click on Add New Entry.
DETAILS: Under Brief Description, write the title of the event. Write the name of the city (where this event will take place) beside the title.
– Under Full Description, this is where you can write your announcement. We suggest that you also provide directions for driving, parking, and public transportation as well as links to the event’s venue.
– Under Access, it should say “Public.”
– Under Priority, any NaFFAA-R8 activity or NaFFAA-R8 sponsored or supported event is always on “High.”
– Select your Date from the pop-up screens.
– Choose among: Untimed Event, Timed Event, or All Day Event.

USING THE REPEAT FUNCTION: On top of the screen, click on Repeat.

– You will be given a choice.

For example, this is a 2-day event.

For Repeat Type, click on Daily.
For Repeat End Date, type the date of the second day of the event.
For Frequency, read the pop-up instructions.
Click on Save.
If there are conflicts with any existing calendar entry, there will be an alert on top of the page.
Click on Save.

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